Back to the Beat

-By Barre Centric-6 week program designed by and for ex-dancers turned busy moms

We are moms so we get it!

You are extremely busy taking care of kids all day, every day and it is SO easy to feel guilty for spending any time on yourself. Physically, you are exhausted and hardly feel like you are in the same body you were pre-kids. 


That’s why we created these low-impact and safe workouts you can do in just 30 minutes per day, to heal, strengthen and energize your body. During nap time, we will take you right back to your dance days with our fun, beat-based workouts that fuse dance, Pilates, and barre exercises. Turn the music up high and take a 30 minute mental break from your to-do list and busy day.

We know you usually do all the planning, so here is a plan we made just for you!

Barre Workouts

Our sculpting & toning workouts will help you regain inner core strength, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and reset your mind to help tackle your daily Mom routine. The best part- you will LOVE doing them, they are choreographed to fun music with some optional dance breaks in between songs :)

Stretch & Restore Flows

Each week, we take you through a deep stretch and recovery class to help with muscle recovery and help improve your joint mobility and range of motion. These classes combine dynamic and static stretching to give you the best increase in flexibility.

Pelvic Floor & Inner Core Rehab

Our pelvic floor and inner core rehab exercises by Dr. Kathleen Engelhardt, DPT E-RYT will give you the strength and mobility to function better and with no pain in your lower back and hips. You will learn helpful tips and tricks that you can apply immediately, not only to any workouts you do, but also to assist in daily movement and functionality.

Nutrition Guide

Our nutrition guide, custom designed for busy moms by NourishThriveGlow will give you all the info you need to meal plan, meal prep, and prioritize your nutrition to fuel your body with the nutrients you need every single day.

Regain Your Strength & Flexibility from your Dance Days

So you can show up to be the best mom every day

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Mom brain is real...

and you don't need one more thing to keep track of. Our workout calendar keeps you on track and links directly to your daily workouts and each week you will get an email reminder with the weekly workouts.

No Need to Hire a Babysitter!

​​Stream our workouts on any of your devices, wherever you are.

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Meet Us


We are Gia and Rachael, childhood besties turned business partners and we opened our first fitness studio, Barre Centric, in 2012 after feeling so frustrated from trying to stay in shape in our “post-dance” days of our lives. The gym atmosphere was not nearly as fun as the dance studios we were used to, and we were searching for a fun and effective workout that we wouldn’t dread doing.

Fast forward 9 years, we are both busy moms to two children each ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 (that was not planned lol!). Mom life is our greatest adventure and we struggle daily finding time to do all the things we need to do! When our studios closed a second time from the pandemic, we decided this was the time to put together our dream digital program- a program that we would LOVE to do as dancers turned busy moms. A program that included "naptime barre workouts" (30 mins max is all you get some days!), with pelvic floor & inner core rehab exercises, and a helpful nutrition guide to make sure you are providing your body with the fuel you need. We hope you love doing this program as much as we loved making it! <3

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with purchase of program?

The program price is $349, and it includes 3 months of access to our "Back to the Beat" Program which consists of 24 barre workouts, 6 stretch flows, 6 pelvic floor exercise & educational videos. We also include a downloadable nutrition guide and a calendar with links to the content. As a bonus, after you complete the 3 months you can choose 1 month unlimited to our Virtual Studio (for on-demand and live barre workouts) or 1 month unlimited to our in-studio classes.

Can I start the program anytime?

The program is designed to be completed in 6 weeks, but we give you 3 months of access to the content so you can even do the classes more than once if you want!

Once you purchase the program, you will get a weekly email for 6 weeks that releases the weekly content so by week 6 you will have the full program content for an additional 6 weeks.

Do I need any equipment to do these workouts?

The best part about our classes is that you can do a full-body workout without much space or equipment, right from the comfort of your home. Most of our classes will use dumbellls (3lbs or 5/8lbs), and a barre. You can always get creative from home!

For Barre: Chairs/couches/walls work great for barres and even countertops- they are the perfect height and so sturdy!
For Weights: Soup cans, water bottles, or just focus on form and muscle engagement with no weights

If you are interested in purchasing an at-home barre, we recommend the booty kicker, save $20 and get a free ball with our affiliate link here

How can I view the classes?


Make sure that you are connected to a reliable WI-FI network, you will need internet in order to stream online videos. 

VIA YOUR TV It is possible to use a TV browser to watch videos, but there can be potential playback issues. For this reason, we recommend using an HDMI cord to connect your laptop to your TV for best viewing.

Can i do this program without any dance experience?

Yes absolutely! Our classes do move quickly and the choreo is a little more intricate than our normal barre classes, but no real dance experience is required for these.

I just had baby! When should I start this program?

It's truly up to you! First, make sure you are cleared by your doctor to work out. We designed this program for moms in the range of 6-12 months postpartum but you can always start earlier and modify the classes as needed.