Virtual Studio FAQs:

What is the Barre Centric Technique?

All of our classes are low impact and combine core conditioning, the Lotte Berk Method, yoga, Pilates and functional exercises to achieve strength, flexibility and balance. The class is broken down into 4 sections– warmup, thighs, seat, and abdominals, using a blend of concentric and eccentric movements and isometric exercises to fatigue the muscles and lengthening stretches to increase flexibility. 

Do I need any equipment at home to do these workouts?

The best part about our classes is you can do a full body workout without much space or equipment, right from the comfort of your home. Most of our classes will use dumbellls (3lbs or 5lbs), and some will use other props such as the ball or resistance loop.

You can always get creative from home.

For Barre:
 Chairs/couches/walls work great for barres and even countertops- they are the perfect height and so sturdy!
For Weights:
Soup cans, water bottles, or just focus on form and muscle engagement with no weights
For Ball:
A pillow or toliet paper can work, or just even zipping those inner thighs together. 
For Circle Loop:
We add this for extra resistance to exercises, but all exercises are effective even without the circle loop

If you are interested in purchasing our equipment for home use, visit our online store.

If you are interested in purchasing an at-home barre, we recommend the booty kicker, save $20 and get a free ball with our affiliate link here

If you are looking for a trampoline for home-use, we recommend JumpSport Fitness Trampolines
Use code BARRECENTRIC15 to save 15%

I'm new to barre, which class should I start with?

We have a great section for barre newbies- including a full barre class for beginners, helpful barre terminology, and posture & alignment tips.

We recommend starting with either the Barre Centric or Barre Xpress classes before trying our fusion classes- Bounce and Cardio. Once you get comfortable with the technique and form, we encourage you to add the fusion classes to your weekly workout regimen.

How many classes should I do a week?

We suggest taking at least 3-4 classes per week to notice results within your first 10 classes. Since Barre Centric classes are safe and low impact, classes can be taken once daily. We suggest starting with 3-4 classes per week and adding as you feel comfortable.

How do I watch Barre Centric Virtual Studio videos?

VIA LAPTOP, COMPUTER, IPAD, PHONE Make sure that you are connected to a reliable WI-FI network, you will need internet in order to stream online videos. 

VIA YOUR TV It is possible to use a TV browser to watch videos, but there can be potential playback issues. For this reason, we can't guarantee that video playback will work in a TV browser via a smart TV.

Should I take class if I am injured, have medical condition or am pregnant? 

If you have past or present injuries, medical conditions, or are pregnant, please get clearance from your Doctor before working out. Remember to always listen to your body, it is normally pretty good at telling you how it feels ☺ We have a helpful prenatal modification sheet for our members, email us if you would like us to send it to you. 

Subscription FAQs:

How do I purchase a Subscription?

Subscribing to Barre Centric Virtual Studio means you will have unlimited 24/7 streaming access to all videos we have included in the Subscription package for a recurring monthly price. We currently have over 70 workouts and we add new videos every month!

To Purchase simply go to ‘Sign Up’ in the Menu to choose your monthly or 6-monthly recurring subscription. Your subscription will continue/recur until you cancel.

How does the 7-day Trial Work?

Signing up for our Free 7-Day Trial allows you to give our Virtual Studio a try without being charged. Once the Free Trial expires, you’ll be transitioned into a Subscriber, and will be billed monthly for $25. You’ll be able to stream all of our subscription-available videos anytime, anywhere, from nearly any device!

Your subscription will continue/recur until you cancel. To avoid being charged after starting a Trial you must cancel the Trial before expiration.

My Credit Card is Being Declined. Why is That?

Many credit/debit cards have online purchase restrictions. If your card is being declined, please contact your credit card company to let them know the purchase you would like to make is valid. Also, certain credit/debit cards do not allow for recurring subscription billing, and therefore, may be denied.

How do I update my Credit Card?

Changing your credit card information is easy. Sign in to Barre Centric Virtual Studio, then follow these simple steps:

MY ACCOUNT > Billing

I've signed up but haven't received my login details.

You should receive an email immediately after signing up for Barre Centric Virtual Studio. If nothing has arrived please check your spam or junk folder (as sometimes emails can end up filtered into these folders) before contacting us on info@barrecentric.com please provide the email and name that you signed up with so we can look into your account. 

I can’t remember my password. How do I reset it?

Simply click on the “Sign In” from the Menu. You will be taken to the Sign In page. Click “Forgot Password”, enter your email address when prompted and click “Send Instructions”. You will then be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Once signed into Barre Centric Virtual Studio, you can change your password by selecting MY ACCOUNT > PASSWORD in the menu.

I clicked on the ‘forgot password’ link but never received a reset password email. What do I do now?

Try checking to see if it was accidentally sent into your spam folder in your inbox. Also, make sure that the email you’re checking is the same as the one used on your account. If all else fails, contact us at info@barrecentric.com and we’ll assist you to get back in.

Can I get a refund?

Subscriptions are non-refundable. If you are on a monthly recurring subscription, you may cancel at any time and will not be charged for further months. You will still have access to the videos until the period you have paid for expires. 

How do I create a favorites list?

To add a video to your Favorites list click on the little star that appears under the video. To delete a video from your Favorites list play the video and click the star again. It will then be removed from your list.

My video doesn’t play back smoothly, how do I fix this?

Video playback depends on many factors including the computer/device being used, the internet browser, internet connection quality, and many other variables. If there are playback issues, try viewing the video in a different web browser. If that doesn’t help, try using a different computer/device and making sure your internet connection is strong. These are usually the simple fixes for playback issues you may have.

Additionally, some older versions of Android (prior to version 4.3) did not manage secure video playback well. This is an Android issue which can easily be resolved by ensuring you have the latest version of Android installed on your device along with Google Chrome. Some Android devices, such as Samsung phones, come with a custom browser that does not support secure video playback. Please ensure you are actually running Google Chrome on your Android device.

Other tips:

1. Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. We recommend a minimum download speed of 10Mbps for smooth playback.

2. Try refreshing your browser, or switching to a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

3. When all else fails, restart your wireless router or modem.

What happens when I unsubscribe from Barre Centric Virtual Studio?

You may cancel your subscription at any time, you will have up until your next scheduled payment to continue using Barre Centric Virtual Studio at which point you will no longer have access to Barre Centric On-Demand videos. 


By using our livestream platform to take classes, you understand you are voluntarily participating in workouts that present an inherent risk and you acknowledge and agree to assume any and all risks of bodily injury,  death, disability or property damage, whether those risks are known or unknown to you. Participating in these at-home classes means you waive, release, hold harmless, and promise not to file suit against Barre Centric LLC, its related entities, employees, officers, agents, contractors, volunteers, and  representatives (collectively, “Releasees”) from any and all actions, claims, or demands that you, your assigns, heirs, guardians, spouse and legal representatives now have, or may have in the future for injury, death, disability or property damage related to (i) your participation in these activities, (ii) the negligence or other acts, whether directly or indirectly connected to these activities, and however caused by any Releases,  whether or not you are then participating in these activities. You understand that, as a participant, you can and should stop at any point during exercise if you are experiencing any discomfort.You acknowledge that it is necessary to notify your physician of your participation in any exercise program, particularly if you are receiving ongoing care for a health condition. You agree to adhere to any and all recommendations of the physician with regard to the choice and intensity of exercise you perform. You agree to not exercise when you are feeling sick or otherwise unwell. You understand that you are participating  in Barre Centric’s workout program at your own risk.

Still have questions? Email us at info@barrecentric.com